Hi! I'm Noa.

I’m a big fan of words. I’m also a big fan of HBO, the Dees and really depressing books – but they all take a backseat when it comes to words. I’ve got a special sort of knack for putting them in just the right order, to pack just the right punch, and send that juicy kind of shiver running down your spine (no, not that shiver).

I like to make sentences more than the sum of their words – to make sure whatever story I’m telling has got some power to it. I know firsthand just how powerful words can be; as comforting as a lover’s arms, as rewarding as a successful pitch, and as scintillating as a cool beer on a warm summer night. 

Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword was spot on. Not that I’ve ever wielded a sword or anything, but I think words are pretty powerful, maybe even our most powerful tool to create. They’re also kind of my thing.

(You can chat with me here for proof)

(But I promise I'm not lying - they're my thing)

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